Aircraft crashes
Aircraft crashes
Boeing - B-17F 42-37906

Map: Crash location approximately
Function: Bomber
Marking: 42-37906
Unit/Sqdn:568 BS
Group: 390 Bomber Group
Pilot: Perry, Clay L 
Base: Framlingham
Mission:Mission 510
Cause: Crashed/Shot down
Reason:Anti Aircraft/FLAK
General picture of a B-17F | bron: wikipedia

EVD 0ESC 0POW 9Safe 0
Additional Information
Claimed : Flak bij doelgebied
Info : Ditching 10km westelijk Cadzand

5990Perry, Clay L 1e LuitenantPiloot POW
5991Sproul, Harold R. 2e Luitenant  POW
5992Ryan, Charles E 2e Luitenant  POW
5993Stubbs, Beverly W. Flying Officer  POW
5994Campbell, Laughlin O T/Sgt  POW
5995Sinclair, Raymond B Staff Sergeant  POW
5996Peragallo, Leon J Staff Sergeant  POW
5997Shea, Warren R. Staff Sergeant  POW
5998Hicks, Russel E. Staff Sergeant  POW
Crash Summary
1Lt Clay L. Perry Jr. POW
2Lt Harold R. Sproul POW
2Lt Charles E. Ryan Jr. POW/WIA
F/O Beverly W. Stubbs POW/WIA
T/Sgt Laughlin O. Campbell POW/WIA
S/Sgt Raymond B. Sinclair POW
S/Sgt Leon J. Peragallo POW/WIA
S/Sgt Warren R. Shea POW
S/Sgt Russell E. Hicks POW/WIA

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